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Blue Love

Some character concepts of my OC Blue Love AKA Blueberry. I've been updating this post with new drawings since 2016! Hope you like it.

She's a 15 year old girl. She's very smart, sassy and (let's be honest) a bratty girl. Her mom (robotic engineer) does a lot of artifacts for her like guns, visors, hoverboards, helmets etc.

The color bases for her are basic purple, white violet and pink. Her style es cute kawaii and futuristic "cyberpunk".

Amanda corona x ogpwassja31rkfuefo1 1280

One of the first Blue concepts (2015)

Amanda corona blueloveb1

Full piece (2015)

Amanda corona bux

New concept, 2018

Amanda corona blue4


Amanda corona bluejl

Blue and her mother and crush, 2017